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Halalgoogling.com - The Muslim Way (The Only Way)
From: Halalgoogling.com          Published On: July 10, 2013, 23:21 GMT
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Halalgoogling.com - The Muslim Way (The Only Way)

The idea to create Halalgoogling and related features is based in the existing technology that doesn’t satisfy the needs of Muslims. Taking that into consideration and with 1.5 billion Muslims in the world all worrying about the type of content provided to their children and even themselves, the need for an Islam aware search engine arises. The very specific and high demanding tool is finally done - the search engine.

Haram Filtering System

Halalgoogling search engine has unique filtering system to exclude Haram content from search results.

A special filtering system excludes Haram (forbidden) sites or content from the search results such as pornography, nudity, gay, lesbian, bisexual, gambling, anti-Islamic content or anything else that is Haram according to the Islamic law.

The system incorporates different components to provide the best protection for the Muslim community.

System Components:
• General category filtering – Overall search results filtering of different categories
• Forbidden sites – Black List of websites that are not allowed to appear on the search results
• Link filtering – Removal of only certain pages/links from a website, blog or forum
• Haram Keywords – List of keywords that are not allowed to be searched or to search the entire web (only certain trusted sites).

*The system is updated continually.

In order to provide the best possible search results, Halalgoogling fetches search results from the biggest search engines: Google, Bing, Amazon and eBay. Combined they form the best possible web results that can be offered in internet.

The search engine Halalgoogling is designed to respect the Muslim Culture.

The Mission is to satisfy the internet needs of the Muslim community, so each Muslim can surf the web in the Halal way.

The Vision is to be the number one search engine in the Muslim community.

Halalgoogling search engine also includes innovative features like: Category assistant, Random topic, Quick look, Special Shopping and other. And it is only the first step, more with follow from Halalgoogling in order to provide full digital solutions to the Muslim world.

Halalgoogling will donate 10% of the profit to charity, to help the Muslim community and to protect the children that desperately need our help.

Search the web easy with Halalgoogling, simply choose the option whether you want to search only in your own country or the entire web.

Try in now at www.halalgoogling.com

Alhamdulillah (Praise to God)

Email: communication@halalgoogling.com

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