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Sleeping German banker accidentally transfers €222,222,222.22
From: qz.com          Published On: June 11, 2013, 15:25 GMT
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Sleeping German banker accidentally transfers €222,222,222.22

At least he didn’t fall asleep on the “9″ key.

A German labor court ruled on Monday that a bank supervisor was unfairly dismissed for failing to notice that one of her employees had made a multi-million euro mistake on a transaction.

The employee had fallen asleep with his finger on his keyboard while pressing the number two, so instead of transferring €62.40 from a retiree’s bank account, he withdrew €222,222,222.22 ($295 million) instead.

Fortunately for the anonymous retiree, the transaction was spotted by another colleague and reversed. A court in Hesse, Germany, ruled that the supervisor should have been reprimanded, not fired, as her mistake was genuine and she had also checked 811 other documents that day.

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