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Couple sacrifice holiday so beloved dog can marry
From: Dailymail.co.uk          Published On: May 9, 2013, 12:27 GMT
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Couple sacrifice holiday so beloved dog can marry

Here comes the bride: Gethin, left, the one-year-old Pomeranian, with his bride Sheena, a German Spitz, six, with their owners on their wedding day

They may have only been together for a whirlwind eight months, but Sheena and Gethin knew they were meant to be together forever as soon as their eyes met across the crowded dog show.

And their owners knew it too.

Now Sheena, a six-year-old German Spitz from Kettering, Northants, has married her toyboy sweetheart Gethin, a one-year-old Pomeranian, in a lavish wedding ceremony costing 500 - savings which came out of her owner Sue Doherty's summer holiday fund.

And although Miss Doherty, 55, and her partner Robert Tyler, 56, usually go to Norfolk every year, this summer they decided to spend the money on a wedding for their beloved pet.

Sheena met her new husband, who belongs to Sue Wilding, 63, eight months ago at the weekly dog show both families regularly attend - and the furry friends hit it off straight away.

Miss Doherty was thrilled with their relationship, saying 'they share toys and food and always play together so we know they're meant to be together', and spent months planning the nuptials, spending hundreds of pounds on designer dresses, a wedding cake, toys, flowers and food, and hiring a venue for the lavish ceremony.

Shop assistant Miss Doherty said: 'It was a very emotional day for us - my little girl is all grown up.'

The two families spent over 500 in total, including 150 on the ceremony, 75 on the cake, 80 on the dresses, 50 on the flowers and 150 on the food - mostly dog biscuits.

Miss Doherty said: 'It meant we can't afford to go on holiday this year. Normally we go to Norfolk every year but we can't because of the wedding. It was definitely worth it though. Every time anyone talks about it I get a smile on my face.'

Speaking about the relationship between the two dogs, retired Mrs Wilding - whose Norfolk Terriers Darcy, six, and Todd, four, were bridesdog and bestdog - said: 'Now we take them to each others houses to play in the garden as well.

'Sometimes Sheena plays hard to get, but she's only teasing. 'It's just a case of lady and the tramp.'

During the ceremony, which was performed by Ann Clark, animal registrar at Kit-Katz Cattery in Desborough, Northants, Miss Doherty said she had to wipe away a few tears: 'We put every spare minute into planning this wedding. I don't know what to do with myself now.'

Guests ranged from a pair of well-dressed Yorkshire Terriers to an Irish Wolf Hound proudly sporting a bow tie. The couple walked down the aisle to I Would Walk 500 Miles by The Proclaimers and Puppy Love by Paul Anka.

The guests all patiently waited until the happy couple had said their 'bow vows' before wolfing down the dog biscuit buffet.

Mrs Clark read the vows for Sheena and Gethin before the exchanging of the ring toys. Gethin's vows read: 'I promise to bark when you bark, to run to the door when you do. I will share all my toys, treats, bones and bed with you.'

And both dogs vowed: 'As our eight paws become four, I will love you now and forever.'

Miss Doherty and Mrs Wilding even had the dresses and suits specially made for bride, groom, bridesdog and bestdog by Pam Brownhill, who runs Hounds and Co, a dog clothes boutique.

The hand-made outfits cost up to 60 and took around three hours each to make.

Mrs Clark, 56, said: 'Pet weddings are becoming increasingly popular. I'm doing more every year. The wedding days are lovely and Sheena and Gethin clearly adore each other.'

Wedding planner Matthew Oliver said: 'I've never been asked to do a dog wedding before, but it's mostly the same as a human one. I think I'll stick to people in future though.'

When Miss Doherty was asked about a honeymoon, she said: 'They were going to Barbados, but now they're going to Barking!'

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