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Woman, 44, who went to hospital with supposed hernia delivers baby girl
From: Dailymail          Published On: February 13, 2013, 11:00 GMT
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A woman who rushed herself to the hospital with severe stomach pains, ended up giving birth to a ten-pound baby girl just 15 hours later.

Linda Ackley, 44, went to Michigan's Allegiance Health Friday morning with what she thought was a hernia, and by Friday night, became a first-time mother.

Her husband, Mike, told Michigan Live: 'Some people have nine months to prepare. I had hours.'

Unaware of her pregnancy until the day she delivered, Mrs Ackley underwent an emergency C-section, and Kimberly Kay Ackley, the couple’s first child, was born at 11:20 p.m.

Mrs Ackley, who two years ago had significant abdominal surgery and thought she couldn't have children, said: 'She is our miracle baby.'

When she first told her husband the news of their baby, he said: 'I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face,' adding that calling the pregnancy surprising 'doesn’t even come close.'

Last week, Ms Ackley took herself to the doctor because of bloating in her abdomen. Believing she could have a hernia, the doctor sent her to an Allegiance Health facility for a CT scan - which revealed she had carried a baby to full term, about 40 weeks.

'I was happy and shocked at the same time, and scared,' Mr Ackley said, who has been married to his wife for 24 years.

Her menstrual periods had been irregular, she said, adding that she was not in pain and did not notice significant weight gain, so it never occurred to her she was pregnant.

'They always wanted children,' said Mrs Ackley’s sister, Rosie Konopka, 48, of Jackson.

While their apartment was not prepared for a baby (for years it has been occupied by only the Ackleys and their pets), the couple have been getting donations and gifts from family members and others.

After Mrs Ackley was discharged, Kimberly was bundled in a car seat given to the new parents by a cousin.

And Clothing Carousel, a consignment shop, donated two bags of clothes.
Mrs Ackley said: 'I got to get used to saying mommy.'

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