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Dumped lover kills 5 in ex-girlfriend's office
From: The Sun          Published On: November 8, 2012, 13:37 GMT
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A jilted lover shot dead five of his ex-girl friend’s work colleagues — accusing them of telling her to ditch him.

Crazed Dmitry Vinogradov blasted away with a hunting rifle and shotgun in the offices where he and Anna Kaznikova worked.

Brunette beauty Anna, 24, watched in horror until the killer shot her in the chest and face.

She survived but was fighting for life in hospital last night. Lawyer Vinogradov told cops after he was overpowered: “My colleagues are to blame — they advised Anna to split with me.”

He launched his murder spree in Moscow hours after a rant on a website in which he vowed to “destroy as many parts of the human compost as possible”.

Vinogradov arrived as usual at the Russian capital’s Rigla Pharmacy plant where he worked in the legal department.

But he changed into army fatigues in the toilets then, toting his weapons, burst into the finance office where Anna works.

He shot dead three men, all aged 33, and two women, both 25, as they sat at their desks.

The killer told police: “We were dating for a long time but split up in January.

“I tried to get her back but failed. I came into the office and said, ‘Hello, colleagues’ and Anna saw how I began to shoot them. I wanted them to see how strong I was and I planned to kill myself.”

His mother Elena, 55, said he felt colleagues had mocked him after he and Anna split before a romantic holiday to Scotland. She said: “He bought her a trip to Edinburgh, ordered everything, paid for it all, and two days before it she said, ‘I’m not going’.

“He was in a horrible depression after that.”

Elena said her son had been on medication to cope but did not take it the day before the killings.

A source said last night: “He told investigators he had fallen in love with a girl but his feelings were not reciprocated. Because of that he drank for five days and opened fire.”

Source: thesun.co.uk

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