Last Updated: September 28, 2013, 8:53 am


Single men wash their bedsheets just 4 times a year, study says
If you’re a single man, you may go to bed with a clear conscience but you rarely sleep on clean sheets. At least that’s according to a new study, which found that single men on average clean their bedsheets only four times a year.

The woman who carried a fetus in her body for 60 years
The woman was Huang Yijun from China. When she was 31 in 1948, she became pregnant only to find out that she had an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the egg had not attached in the uterus.

The male animal that becomes pregnant and gives birth
Female seahorses impregnate their male mates, rather than the other way around.

Rich Chinese couples paying as much as $120,000 for 'designer' American babies
Wealthy Chinese are hiring American women to serve as surrogates for their children, creating a small but growing business in $120,000 'designer' American babies for China's elite.

99-year-old woman gets high school diploma
A 99-year-old Iowa woman who dropped out of a high school more than 80 years ago despite needing only one credit to graduate has finally received her diploma.

Public masturbation declared legal in Sweden after landmark trial
Sweden is now "okay" with public masturbation.

Man cuts off his testicles with scissors
A man cut off his own testicles and stormed into a church shortly before a couple were due to be married.

Georgia man's obituary: 'He attracted more women than a shoe sale at Macy's'
A Georgia man who died last week might not have been a living legend. But his obituary is already legendary.

Thieves rob prison in Italy
Thieves in northern Italy broke into a prison and made off with a safe containing thousands of euros in the early hours of Wednesday, Italian media reported.

Teacher gives birth in classroom
A primary school teacher has spoken about how her colleagues helped deliver her son at the school where she works.

'Man who couldn't get AIDS' commits suicide at 66
A New Yorker who fascinated doctors because he was resistant to H.I.V. and AIDS has committed suicide, aged 66.

Toothless man, 41, bit neighbour’s manhood in a row over loud music
A toothless man has been found guilty of biting his neighbour’s penis 'like a sandwich' until it bled after an argument over loud music.

Hawaiian woman wins 35-letter name battle
A Hawaiian woman with a 35-letter surname has persuaded the Pacific island US state's authorities to change their official ID card format, because her king-sized name won't fit.

Mrs Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele furious over ID name snub
A Hawaiian woman Janice Lokelani Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele has been left outraged after state officials asked her to cut down her 36-letter surname – because it wouldn’t fit on the ID card.

Man caught on CCTV having sex with land rover
A naked man stunned revellers when he had sex with a phwoar-wheel drive car.

Man jailed for infecting girlfriend with HIV
A man who infected his teenage girlfriend with HIV then urged her to 'sleep around' to spread the virus was jailed for four-and-a-half years today.

Girl banned from classroom because of her short hair
A 12-year-old girl has been banned from class after shaving her head for charity - because the drastic style was against school rules.

Mother mummifies dead son's body in alcohol for 18 years
A mother whose son died 18 years ago pickled him in alcohol and stashed his corpse in the basement where she has cared for him ever since... all so his son can learn to love him.

Boy, 8, falls asleep 20 times a day
The family of an eight-year-old boy with narcolepsy are blaming the swine flu vaccine for his sleep disorder.

Child bride dies on first night of forced marriage
An eight-year-old child bride has died in Yemen of internal bleeding sustained during her wedding night after being forced to marry a man five times her age, activists have claimed.

Rape victim, 6 forced to marry 8-year-old son of 'man who attacked her'
A six-year-old Indian girl who was locked in a room and raped is being forced to marry the eight-year-old son of her alleged attacker.