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LPG price hike: Chop bars to reduce portion of food served
From: Ghana | Joy News TV | Seyram Abla De-Souza          Published On: February 20, 2013, 15:39 GMT
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LPG price hike: Chop bars to reduce portion of food served

It appears the objective for the recent sharp increase in the price of LPG may not be achieved after all.

Government following criticisms that the 50 percent increase will force domestic consumers of the product to resort to using charcoal and wood fuel explained, it was to check abuse of the product by commercial transport operators.

But some taxi and trotro drivers Joy News has been speaking to say they don't intend to stop using LPG despite the increase.

Meanwhile, restaurant owners who rely solely on gas as their cooking fuel are upset about a current shortage they say has persisted for too long.
The restaurant operators especially complain they have had difficulty in sourcing LPG for close to two weeks now.

At the Korkorti chop bar at Dome, the operators say they have abandoned their gas stoves for firewood.

They add they have already strategized how to accommodate the sharp increase in the LPG price.

A food joint operator at Dome, Solomon Mireku says “the increase in LPG price has affected the cost of preparing the food so we will reduce the portion served”.

Juliet Owusu, says she is “even afraid to use LPG lately because of the cost. I have therefore stopped my children from heating water”
The commercial transport operators are also feeling the pinch, especially the taxis and mini KIA truck drivers.

According to these commercial drivers, they save up to GHs 40 in two weeks when using LPG.

They are therefore unfazed and insist on using LPG as their main fuel despite the sharp increase and acute shortage.

“I can’t do anything about my taxi. I can’t stop using LPG, so Government should reduce the price” Thompson Nyarko, I taxi driver said.

Addey also a taxi driver added that “If we taxi drivers are the cause of this increment, no problem. We are willing to buy”.

Some drivers whose cars are stuck in the queue say they've been here for a week because of the shortage.

“I have been here for one week just because of the shortage. I have even spent the money meant for the LPG” Joseph Hagan a Commercial Driver disclosed.

Taxi drivers who were willing to pay forty Ghana cedis for a 14kg bottle, could however not get gas for their cars.

The 14kg bottle would normally go for about 28 cedis after the increase.
The transport and food joint operators are meanwhile calling for government's intervention to end the shortage.

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