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REJOINDER: Gov’t/GYEEDA Gives More Cars to Taxi Drivers
From: Ghana l Myjoyonline.com          Published On: February 18, 2013, 15:48 GMT
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 REJOINDER: Gov’t/GYEEDA Gives More Cars to Taxi Drivers

Time Link Limited has taken notice of a story published in the Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Edition (page 2) of the New Ghanaian Voice on the above headline of the newspaper.

The story touched on government giving cars to taxi drivers under the Ghana Youth Employment Entrepreneur Development Agency (GYEEDA) programme.

Much as the Time Link appreciates the good intentions of the New Ghanaian Voice in bringing out the story, certain aspect of the report were misleading and did not adequately capture the essence of the module and therefore requires a reaction to clarify some of the issues raised.

1. First, the module is known as “Youth in Driving” and it seeks to create jobs for unemployed youth who are interested in working in the transport sector and not for taxi drivers.

2. Secondly, the core mandate of the module is not to give cars to taxi drivers rather it is to provide practical skills to the youth, augment the urban transport system and help beneficiaries to earn a decent living.

3. Lastly, the module is being implemented by Time Link Limited, a private a Private Transport Training Company based in Accra and not Azira Group of Companies as indicated by the newspaper.

With regards to how the module works, the following points explain further:

4. Beneficiaries under the module are enlisted, trained in driving, business management, and business ownership, before they are given vehicles to use as taxis in order that they can earn a decent living.

5. The selection of the beneficiaries is done in a transparent manner based on qualification and not on political affiliations. Therefore beneficiaries are selected based on the ability to read and write as well as demonstrate the capacity to learn; implement the skills taught and have the commitment and desire to engage with the programme’s business aspect.

6. The concept of the training is to polish the beneficiaries, groom them, and make them unique, help them to acquire some skills and then provide them with jobs by giving the cars.

7. The brand new cars given to beneficiaries are estimated between 27,000 and 32,000 cedis and they are to work and pay for the cars between period of 2 ˝ years.

8. The training focuses on safety to ensure that beneficiaries become responsible behind the wheel to reduce the spat of road traffic accidents in the country. They are trained in areas such as defensive driving, interpreting road signs, spotting signs of potential car accidents and knowing how to avoid them, basic accounting and book keeping in addition to other business management tips.

9. The training is conducted for the beneficiaries by competent a team drawn from the police service, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and the National Road Safety Commission.

10. To ensure that the module become sustainable, an elaborate tracking, monitoring and evaluation system have been put in place to prevent the vehicles from being stolen by beneficiaries.


It is government’s commitment resolve to intervene in any sector of the economy which employs over 5,000 people. Therefore government through GYEEDA is supporting the sector to further develop with the introduction of the “Youth in Driving” module to create more jobs and help improve livelihoods.
Government believes the youth who want to become self-employed need to be assisted to enable them to set up and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development. We would want to assure all and sundry that, this module be monitored closely to ensure its success.

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