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61% of women in Northern Regions endorse FGM
Published On: February 15, 2013, 15:42 GMT
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Female Genital Mutilation is barbaric, cruel and inhuman. The United Nations General Assembly late last year endorsed a resolution, which asks countries to clamp down heavily on the practice.

But in a bizarre twist, about 61 percent of residents of the Northern, Upper East and West regions are said to have endorsed the practice.

According to residents there, it is the best way a woman can demonstrate her faithfulness to her partner.

A research jointly conducted by Action Aid and the Belim Wusa Development Agency, finds that girls below the age of 15 in Bawku have undergone the practice.

But not everyone is excited about it. Safia Zakaria is an FGM victim.
She told Joy News some of them were young when their mothers convinced them to undergo the practice but have since realized the practice has had a negative effect on their sex life.

Providing details of the research findings, Programmes Coordinator of Agency, Abubakari Shaibu told Joy News, 61 per cent of the respondents said they were in full support of the practice; 56 per cent of the respondents agreed the practice was still ongoing and 68 per cent confirmed they had gone through the practice themselves.

He said the findings will be shared with relevant stakeholders such as the Ghana Health Service to enable them intensify their advocacy.

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