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The N1 Highway couldn’t ease the Mallam traffic after all!
From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Dorcas Efe Mensah          Published On: February 11, 2013, 13:15 GMT
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The N1 Highway couldn’t ease the Mallam traffic after all!

The 14 kilometer Tetteh Quarshie–Mallam junction road was expected to ease traffic on the Mallam-Kasoa road.

When the George Walker Bush Highway, also known as the N1 Highway, was completed early last year, it was expected to ease traffic congestion on the Mallam-Kasoa road.

Then-Roads and Highways Minister Joe Gidisu, in fact, stated at the road’s commissioning last August that the 14 kilometer Tetteh Quarshie–Mallam junction road, which is one of Ghana’s major road projects, would likely cut traffic time from 2 hours to about 20 minutes.

It did minimize drivers’ time on the road, but only for a while.

Before work on the project was completed, one could spend up to two-and-half hours to travel between Weija and the Mallam junction alone during rush hour.

However, the situation changed drastically upon completion, making it possible to travel that stretch in less than 10 minutes in both the mornings and evenings.

Though it’s been barely a year after the $55.7 million road project was opened to traffic, it appears that it is not bringing the relief residents who live beyond Mallam junction expected. The outrageous traffic jams that once caused motorists a great deal of anguish is slowly returning.

At about 7am Monday, there was an unusually long queue of vehicles between Modex Filling station (near Weija) and Mallam junction.

At a glance, anyone on the road might have guessed that the traffic was the result of an accident, but to the surprise of commuters, there was no accident and no portion of the road had been blocked. It was just traffic.

This was disheartening as commuters had had to endure serious traffic jams in Kasoa and at the toll booth just east of Kasoa.

As warned transport consultant Cecil Garbrah, the traffic situation in Accra could worsen in the next few years if measures are not taken to control it.

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