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Hotline: Invoking Deities 2, Why People Curse
From: Kwaku Owusu Peprah          Published On: February 1, 2013, 00:46 GMT
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Hotline: Invoking Deities 2, Why People Curse

Kwaku Owusu Peprah

People in a neighbourhood are discussing how a man was recently killed by a deity.

His crime; a family member who felt he was not well cared for while on his sick bed invoked the Antoa deity to kill any sibling who attended his funeral after his death.

The deceased relative allegedly disregarded the curse and attended the funeral. On his way home from the funeral he confessed before dying that an entity in the form of a giant slapped him.

He fell ill immediately and all efforts to reverse the curse did not work.

It was too late. However, Ante Yaa Mansah succeeded in reversing the deadly curse invoked on his son, who had sex with a friend’s wife far away in Spain.

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