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Tema Comm. 15 residents battle ICGC Pastor over access road to train station
From: Ghana/Mckyntosh Essuman Aidoo          Published On: January 16, 2013, 12:00 GMT
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Tema Comm. 15 residents battle ICGC Pastor over access road to train station

The blocked road in front of the white building belonging to the ICGC

Executive members of Regimanuel Gray Estate Community 15 Residents Association, are in a cold war with Rev. Dr. Anthony Cudjoe of the Calvary Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, in Sakumono, over an access road to the Community 15 train station which the church’s property has blocked.

Residents in the estate are worried over the blockage of the road because people who would have ordinarily use the road to the train station and other parts of the community are forced to walk through the estate; a situation robbers and phone snatchers take advantage of, to rob them of their valuables.

Dr Kahn Hanson, a Medical Practitioner and head of the Security Committee of the Residents Association explained that the building apart from blocking access to the train station; also poses serious security threats as they (members of the estate) are unable to differentiate a resident from a passerby.

“He claims LEKMA added that portion to his plot for development,” another member of the security committee added.

A map of the area obtained from the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly LEKMA clearly shows Pastor Cudjoe’s building in the road. The Assembly also added that the portion of land in contention is not part of the church’s property.

Brother Arku, Resident Architect for the Calvary Temple of ICGC Sakumono in a chat confirmed knowledge of the protests by residents and added that the road was blocked by former occupants of the house; however, renovation works on the land has in the mean time stopped per a directive from the church.

Some residents who lived in the estate during the 90s disclosed that the house was originally occupied by Mr O’Sullivan Djentuh, father of Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh former boyfriend of Ezenator Rawlings who became known for his infamous “identification haircut”.

According to them, they believe the road was blocked at the time to provide security for Ezenator Rawlings and her boyfriend and also prevent people from seeing her during visits.

Residents are poised to prevent Rev. Dr. Cudjoe and the ICGC in Sakumono from blocking the road. Pastor Cudjoe and his church on the other hand intend to defy threats by residents because the road was blocked long before they bought the property.

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