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Expansion of hospital at Afigya Kwabre impeded by land encroachment
From: Ghana | Erastus Asare Donkor/Luv Fm          Published On: December 28, 2012, 11:49 GMT
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Expansion of hospital at Afigya Kwabre impeded by land encroachment

The only referral health centre in the Afigya Kwabre District of Ashanti Region is crying for government intervention as land allocated for infrastructural expansion faces persistent encroachment.

The Methodist Faith Healing Hospital is a partnered initiative of government and the Christian Health Association of Ghana.

A number of inhabitants from the Afigya Kwabre and Kwabre East districts, as well as others from the Northern part of the country frequent the hospital for their health needs. The facility records an average daily outpatient attendance of over 200.

The facility presently needs infrastructural expansion in its Out Patients Department, staff quarters and other units to improve health delivery.

Hospital authorities are however worried efforts to expand for improved health delivery are being hampered by encroachment on the hospital’s land by natives of the area.

Medical Superintendent at the Hospital, Dr. Barfour Agyemang Ramseyer, said the encroachment also creates security challenges.

“The encroachment is making it difficult to expand, because we are supposed to build accommodation for the staff, and where we are supposed to accommodate them, you see that the people have already put their building there. It looks like its intentional, because they know when they do that we will compensate them so they keep on doing it. Even though the chief has appealed that nobody should build there they are still doing it”, he told Luv Fm.

“I think it’s so bad, because if you go to the land now, you’ll see even some of the inhabitants living in the hospital compound, if you should put in a hospital gate it will bring confusion”, Dr. Barfour added.

Meanwhile, a team from the Ghana Chapter of the World Youth Outreach Organization has distributed medical consumables valued at Gh₵2,000 to patients at the hospital.

Chief Executive Officer for the Organization, Bernard Dike Davis called for more attention towards the rural health needs of the country.

“I believe these areas are the most areas that need medical attention. As a matter of fact we all know the conditions at those hospitals in the urban areas but it is when you visit these hospitals in the rural areas then you see the plight of Ghanaians indeed. That is why WYOO is here to help in its own small way,” he stated.

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