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CSM, under 5 deaths reduce in Nadowli District
From: Ghana|Joy News|Rafiq Salam          Published On: December 17, 2012, 14:24 GMT
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The District Executive for Nadowli-Kaleo, Abu Kabienbata Kansangabata has stated that the district has chalked tremendous success in the area of health care delivery.

According to him many CHPS Compounds have been constructed to make the health care services more accessible to people with special attention given to the Nadowli hospital to improve its efficiency.

Mr. Kansangabata said the Nadowli hospital has received lots of infrastructural development including an x-ray department and two Rural Mobile Ambulances to facilitate movement of the sick and injured to referral centers.

He made the statement at the second ordinary meeting of the third session of the Assembly at Nadowli.

He posited that as a result of some of these interventions, cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) cases had reduced from twenty (21) in 2011 to six (6) in 2012; under five deaths due to malaria has also reduced drastically and above all the district had succeeded in ensuring many more women now deliver their babies at health facilities in the district than before.

On portable drinking water, Mr. Kansangabata said the government and her development partners have made efforts in that regard stating the water subsector has received a massive injunction of funds to improve and expand the coverage.

He said although a lot has been done in the past years, what is refreshing is the Sustainable Water and Sanitation Project which has started.

This project will see the construction of a small town water system at Sombo and fifty-five (55) boreholes across the district.

The Presiding Member of the Assembly, Andrew. A. Kpan was full of praise for the DCE.

‘‘As you are all aware, Abu kansangabata took over the administration of the district in 2009 as the youngest DCE in the region (aged 29) and many had fears that his youthful exuberance will lead the district in to problems.
However you are all witnesses to the fact that he has worked assiduously to bring a lot of development to the district and also projected the image through his constant touch with the media,’’ he added.

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