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Mahama asks Christians to intercede for Ghana
From: Ghana | Joy News          Published On: November 21, 2012, 14:13 GMT
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Audio Attachment: Listen to Prez Mahama and Rev. Emmanuel Asante


Mahama asks Christians to intercede for Ghana

President Mahama appealed to Christians to intercede for the nation

President John Mahama has urged Christians to continue to intercede on the nation’s behalf to keep the peace and promote development in the country.

He made this known when he addressed Christian leaders at a meeting dubbed Breakfast Devotion at the Castle, Osu where various heads and ministers of God from across the country gathered.

In his opening remarks, President Mahama shared his experience with God and called on religious leaders to intercede on behalf of the country.

“We all are the same in Christendom. It doesn’t matter what denomination you go to, whether you’re Assemblies of God or ICGC… whatever, for us, there’s one binding faith, and that is our love for God and our recognition of God as the almighty and the creator.

“And so that is why I think that we should bond together and continue to work together. I will continue to rely on you for good council as long as I am in leadership because I think it’s important to be guided by faith and to put God in leadership so that he guides your steps in the direction that you need to go.”

President Mahama, whose party has come under criticism from some sections of the society recently, including the clergy, pointed out he bore no grudges with any religious leader in the country.

“I salute every man of God who preaches a sermon in this country… to have the type of anointing to interpret God’s word is completely different business.”

Meanwhile, the presidency has dismissed suggestions that Wednesday’s meeting with religious leaders is to counter the perception that the NDC is unfriendly to the church.

John Jinapor, spokesperson for the president told Joy News, “President Mahama has demonstrated that he is not against the church, President Mills demonstrated that, and indeed our party has demonstrated that we can work in partnership with the church, and the president reiterated his commitment to co-exist and work with the church.”

Meanwhile ministers of God and politicians have been charged to examine their loyalty to political ideologies and also respect each other’s differences.

According to the Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Emmanuel Asante, the current chaotic political scene in Ghana can be attributed to people’s confused loyalty to their political ideologies.

Most Rev. Asante said Ghanaians must learn to let what is good and positive take precedence over the negative. He said it was only when this was done that there would be sustainable peace in the country.

Most Rev. Asante said this at the breakfast devotion with the President at the Castle where various heads and ministers of God from across the country gathered Wednesday morning.

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