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Corporate institutions need nutritionists to cater for workers
From: Kofi Adu Domfeh/Luv Fm/Ghana          Published On: November 5, 2012, 18:23 GMT
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Corporate institutions need nutritionists to cater for workers
Ghanaian corporate institutions would need to engage the services of nutritionists to protect the health of their workforce, says Dr. Caesar, Chief Executive Officer of M.Y. Ventures.

According to him, this has become critically imperative to promote healthy eating and lifestyle at the workplace.

“We must bear in mind that when people are grouped as an institution, they are human beings that need all the care, including health”, he observed. “I propose that every organization should get a nutritionist; now our problem is food – what to eat, when to eat and how to go about it when we get problem – so we must have a primary health educationist in each institution so that we can always be healthy”.

M.Y. Ventures, a natural healthcare center, has initiated a Healthy Living Campaign to promote healthy lifestyles among business people and corporate establishments.

Dr. Caesar told Luv Fm one of the major aims of the project is to educate the public on best eating practices to prevent diseases and avoid the problems of curing diseases.

“If we work hand-in-hand, our institutions can be very strong; we can boast of very strong workforce and that can yield high productivity”, he emphasized.

He cautioned against consumption of food with high carbohydrate content but inadequate insulin “to minimize diabetic conditions”.

The company has introduced the ‘Lina Green Tea plus F2’ product “to burn and flush out unwanted carbohydrate in the human system”.

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