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Police arrest an 'Abortion Lord' for sleeping with 1000s of women he 'helps'
From: Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Madina Social Welfare          Published On: September 4, 2012, 23:52 GMT
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Police arrest an 'Abortion Lord' for sleeping with 1000s of women he 'helps'

‘Abortion Lord’ 'Dr Drah'

A medical professional at a quintessentially clean, calm and quiet clinic at Madina in Accra has been arrested for performing illegal abortions and sleeping with thousands of women who have come under his knife.

'Dr. Joshua Drah' initially denied any charges made against him by the police but was visibly shocked when he was shown a video of his operations.

The story of Dr. Drah's arrest and the operations of his 'Universal Mission Clinic,' is told in full, in a documentary which will show on the Joy News Channel on MultiTV at 10pm Wednesday.

Lead investigator in the compilation of the documentary, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, said "The videos that we got were simply unbelievable. It was a peek into the activities of a man who has for over a decade demeaned womanhood, flouted laws of the land and supervised numerous abortions – some of which have gone horribly wrong leading to complications and death of clients in extreme cases."

When quizzed by the Police at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters about the absence of a sign board, 'Dr. Drah' explained that it was as a result of an expired operating license which he was working to renew.

For him, there was always a price to pay for an abortion. Beyond his fee of between GH¢50 and GH¢100 that is taken before the operation, there is for the beautiful clients an extra charge; Sex in the middle of an abortion.

In one footage, he explains why he has to have sex with a patient:

Doctor: It’s been a long time since you did the ‘thing’
Patient: What did you say?
Doctor: You did the ‘thing’ a long time ago.
Patient: You said I did what?
Doctor: You haven’t had sex in a long while.
Patient: Yeah!
Doctor: Eii! Your ‘thing’ is cute. If you won’t mind let’s have sex to open you up.
Patient: You said?
Doctor: I said if you won’t mind let’s have sex so that it will open you up.
Doctor: Or you don’t like that. Let me check and see. I’m doing this but the thing is rather closing up, why? Mm!
Patient: I don’t know.
Doctor: I’m inserting my fingers in there but it is still closing up why?
Patient: I don’t know.
Doctor: I have to do the ‘thing’ to open it up and you are saying no. I’ll just have to put it in there one, two, three that’s it, and then it will open up.
Patient: Ok!
Doctor: should I put it inside? Are you sure? Then come forward so I will put it inside. When I put it in there ‘one, two, three’ then that is it, it will be ok.
After Bout
Doctor: Push back.
Patient: She pushes back
Doctor: Good!
Patient: She makes small screams when the doctor starts the procedure.

On one occasion, as a girl lay on a bed in agonizing pain, the doctor upon being informed of the pain by an assistant, prescribed that she drinks ‘Malta Guinness’ – a non alcoholic beverage.

His clientele brought into sharp focus the issue of sexual enthusiasm that leads to teenage pregnancy allied with the dangerous and lethal issues of abortion, which was a first point of call to many girls.

In the second part of this piece, we bring you exclusive answers that ‘Dr. Drah’ gave to the Police CID during questioning at his clinic and the Police Headquarters and also give you his reaction when evidence was played to him.

We take a peek into the abortion statistics and also bring into focus the position of our laws on abortion. Was the consent he obtained from the girls before having sex with them valid in law? Book your advanced copies NOW. Stay Tuned!

This exposé together with several other intriguing wild aspects of people would be shown in a documentary on Multi TV today at 10:00 pm sharp. Grab your digibox and stay glued to your set. Don’t miss it! Children under 18 must desist from watching this.

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