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To ‘hell’ with gay aid; Parliament resolute against gay rights
From: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com| Isaac Essel          Published On: August 14, 2011, 08:39 GMT
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Audio Attachment: Listen to Mr Gbediame and Rev Appiah


To ‘hell’ with gay aid; Parliament resolute against gay rights
From all indications, it is becoming glaringly clear that activists clamouring for the recognition of gays in Ghana are most unlikely to achieve their goal as the country’s legislators have resolved, unanimously, to reject any bill supporting gay right.

“When it (gay) became a topical issue, we made one of our members to make a statement condemning it and unanimously, across both divides, we said never shall we ever pass a law in the Parliament of Ghana [promoting gay rights],” Gershon Gbediame, Majority Chief Whip has told Myjoyonline.com.

Speaking on the sidelines of a prayer meeting on Sunday dubbed ‘A Prayer for Ghana’, he insisted: “If it means taking their money away, fine enough; we cherish the love of God, the blessings of God upon this land rather than depending on a person’s benevolence. We have taken a resolute stand [in Parliament] that anybody who will ever dream of introducing such a bill in Parliament; it will never see the light of the day.”

The prayer meeting was organised by Pastors in the Gap Intercessory Ministries in collaboration with the Kingdom Power Family International to seek God’s favour and peace for Ghana ahead of the 2012 general elections and beyond.

The Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron, and President of the United States of America Barack Obama, have threatened to cut aid to developing countries, including Ghana, who refuse to respect and grant gay rights to their citizens.

But Mr Gbediame, who is also the Member of Parliament for Nkwanta South, was happy that even at the executive level, as stated by the president, the government was determined not to succumb to pressures to promote gay rights.

He asked Ghanaians, especially, Christians to remain firm behind the government in the fight against gay rights to avoid the wrath of God visiting us.

“When you come to Ghana you will know that Ghana is richly blessed, so much, there is no need why we should bow and kowtow to people like Cameron, Obama to say that if you don’t pass gay rights we are not going to give you any aid; to hell with their aid, we shall not, shall not sell our birthright, we believe in the word of God, we shall not go contrary to the word of God...we are prepare to go hungry.”

Charging Christians not to joke with prayers, Mr Gbediame asked Ghanaians to constantly commit the 2012 general elections into the hands of God to ensure peaceful and successful elections, and to also entrust the country into the hands of persons with the fear of God in them.

Rev. Nicholas Nhyira Appiah, leader of the Pastors in the Gap Intercessory Ministries told Myjoyonline.com that homosexuality or lesbianism is an abominable act being perpetuated by the devil.

“The Bible says this is an abominable act...the devil is using people to bring into being some legalities that are not of God, we have to stand because the only thing the church can do is to call the will of God into motion at time like this...Ghana will stand and defend [its stand] whether we will eat or we will not eat.”

Touching on his outreach programmes, he said the vision of the ministry is to intercede for Ghana, as a nation, its leaders and citizens.

He said the prayer meeting was to climax a month-long tour throughout the country where they fervently engaged in prayer intercessions with civil society groups, politicians and residents among others for peace to prevail in Ghana.

He said as Ghana goes to the polls in 2012, political leaders and their supporters need to “place Ghana first” in whatever they do.

“Our words must be seasoned with salt...use words that will promote peace and not war, so that together we can make Ghana a better place to live.”

Whilst admonishing so-called prophets who he said indulge in prophesying on “irrelevant” things to channel their effort into praying for the success of Ghana, he also cautioned Ghanaians against assuming “I don’t care attitude” in the run up to the elections.

He called on philanthropist and persons touched by God to support the outreach programmes in diverse ways they can.

Apostle Justice K. Bentil, General Overseer of the Kingdom Power Family International, in a short sermon, entreated Ghanaians to constantly pray for an improvement in their lives and God’s blessings for Ghana, stressing, “if there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer”.

“The hope of Ghana is the church,” he remarked “if the nation will succeed, it depends on the church.” It is therefore incumbent on the church to pray as the salt of the world to preserve the world from decay.

Prayers were said for the President and his appointees, Members of Parliament, Ghanaians in general. A special prayer was said to protect the country against internal and external aggression.

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