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Brawling Bishop Obinim threatens to invoke thunder
From: Isaac Essel/Myjoyonline.com          Published On: August 10, 2011, 13:41 GMT
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Brawling Bishop Obinim threatens to invoke thunder

Bishop Daniel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim, head pastor of the International God’s Way Ministry, is calling for a spiritual contest where he has threatened to invoke thunder and lightening to strike his contender.

Daniel Obinim is standing trial for conspiracy, causing unlawful harm, and causing unlawful damage.

He wants the contest, to be staged in a sports stadium, to prove he has God's anointing on him.

To him, the venue for the contest is more than appropriate because it would provide the opportunity for a multitude of people to witness his miraculous prowess.

Bishop Obinim who is in the news for allegedly having extramarital affair with his subordinate pastor and allegedly bearing a child from the encounter, insisted on Peace FM, Wednesday, that he was still a powerful man of God and the contest was meant to testify to that.

He is therefore not interested in going into this contest with just an ordinary person, but a fellow man of God, who he said should examine him or herself to be double sure that he or she is holy and truly without blemish.

In an apparent replay of the Biblical Elijah vrs the priests of Baal contest, Obinim said the two, would openly raise their hands to the heavens and pray to Jesus to see whose prayers would be answered instantly.

He maintained that without mincing words, he will, in the full glare of curious people around, invoke thunder and lightening to strike down his contender.

He said that pastor will fall to the ground while he will remain standing, and that will confirm that he has been called by God. It will prove to people that "I am a holy pastor,” he emphasisded.

Nevertheless, Bishop Daniel Obinim conceded having sinned against God after having sex with another man’s wife, albeit, he said he had confessed it and knows his position before God.

Interestingly, Bishop Obinim was proud to proclaim on-air that he had rendered useless and mad the very child he himself fathered with the woman in question.

He explained that he crippled the innocent child because the mother went about disgracing him, and his action was just to teach her a lesson that he still had the anointing of God.

Meanwhile, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, founder of the Word Miracle Church International, a former mentor of Bishop Obinim has described his (Obinim’s) behaviour as “shameful and unbecoming” of a man of God.

He noted that he severed his mentorship relation with Obinim two years ago because his character did not conform to Christian practices.

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