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Ghanaian girls go naked on internet
Published On: August 20, 2007, 00:00 GMT
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Many more Ghanaian girls are embracing pornographic activities as video sale of their ecstatic performances witnesses a boom on the worldwide net.

A website which parades young and innocent Ghanaian girls in the nude has released a fresh batch of these innocent-looking females, some of whom looked amateurish as indicated on the site.

Titled Black-Sensations: Sexy black girls-African amateur porn- the site shows Ghanaian girls like 20-year-old Regina whose name is erroneously spelt as Rigina in open sexual action.

The Daily Guide newspaper reported that hiding her countenance behind a pair of sunglasses, ‘Rigina’ is said to be very hot when excited.

Tina, 21, another character, according to the literature which goes with her image, is said to have ‘a wonderful body with a big round ass and has a clip to her credit for those interested in exploiting her natural endowments.

19-year-old Prudence carries the accolades of a very sexy physical amazon and performs some spectacular moves under a shower for video capture.

Priscilla, 21, likes real sex and promises many surprises for those who care.

Julia is under 20 years of age and is said to have just made her debut in front of a camera as did her 20-year-old compatriot, Abla.

24-year-old Janice is a pretty girl with a perfect body whose compatriot, Tammy boasts of a spectacular height and tribal marks.

Nelli, 23, also from Ghana, is the choice of those who prefer girls with small tits and fine curved buttocks.

Felipa, 26, is described as inexperienced and stripping for the first time before the camera.

A journey into the video aspect of the presentation showed one of the girls using her hands to open her buttocks in a manner which underscores her amateurism.

Joany who is 23 and a Ghanaian has firm and round ‘backyard’ as Nigerians describe buttocks.

The site is said to be updated every six months for its worldwide clientele.
Girls from other parts of the black world are equally paraded on the site. From Nigeria to the Island of Reunion and Ivory Coast, their features are described in very infectious language to attract more people to the site.

Louna, 22 and a Nigerian, is said to be thin, boasting of a hairy womanhood but her compatriot Myriam enjoys posing naked in front of the camera.

Alyssa, a 21- year Togolese is described as an African booty with a fat and round back.

The Beninoise Jessica, 25, has generous curves and a big behind, perhaps close to the Ivorian Chantal, the 25-year-old who boasts of a fat backyard and large boobs.

23-year-old Nigerian, Helen, is described as an ‘honey’ who has an infectious smile and would be loved by anybody who comes her way.

Many have questioned the sincerity of the site owners in assembling the pictures of these young ladies they claim are amateurs appearing for the first time before cameras.

Curious minds are beginning to ask whether these girls knew what their pictures were actually going to be used for.

These questions have been prompted by certain developments recorded in Accra a few years ago.

A white-skinned man was arrested in one of Accra’s hotels a few years ago after he had taken a number of such pictures.
There was public outcry before this arrest, when some Ghanaians girls posted their pictures on a similar site.

Such acts of nudity are frowned upon by Ghanaian traditions, so when they are exposed like they have been on the net, they attract the disdain of many.

Meanwhile, lesbians from South Africa are in the country for a sort of meeting. Their convergence on Accra is coming on the heels of a botched attempt by an international grouping of homosexuals.

Lesbianism, homosexuality and nudism are acts not in consonance with Ghanaian culture.

Source: Daily Guide

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