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1. How did UGogo affect Vikami’s life?
2. Why do you think lots of children roam the streets of Johannesburg, engaging in theft to survive?
3. Why did Vikami not end up as a street gang kid?
4. What do you think the state and society can do to minimize or halt the operation of Street Gang Kids?
5. With close reference to the text, mention and describe two daily activities of the Street Gang Kids.
6. Why didSipho and Sibusiso desperately wanted their fatherPhumulani dead?
7. “Look, Baba! The storm is passing. The sun is passing. The sun is coming out!”
a. Who made this statement and to whom?
b. What other things do the storm and sun signify?
8. a. Can you explain why there were fighting and rioting in Johannesburg and Soweto?
b. Who were the enemies the people were fighting?
c. Why do you think the people were fighting these enemies?
10. Describe how Vikami escaped from the camp of the Street Gang Kids?
11. Who was Chief Zuma?
a. why did a group of people wanted him dead?
b. why did the group not succeed?
12. Given the opportunity, which title would you suggest to the text?
13. What do you find fascinating about UMama?
14. a. Who was Frank?
b. How did he help turn Vikami’s life round?
15. The text Street Gang Kidteaches that……………………………..
16. Vikami was arrested by the police twice. Why was he arrested the second time?
17. Find a word of group of words which mean the same as each of the following words used in the passage:
i. traitor(page 18)
ii. Stalls (page 13)
iii. Buzzed (page 13)
iv. Ululating (page 62)

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