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Drama in Court over brassier
From: Ghana l GNA          Published On: January 21, 2013, 06:13 GMT
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Drama in Court over brassier
Drama unfolded at ah Accra Circuit Court on Friday when a brassier which was produced by an ex-convict in court as evidence did not fit the supposed owner.

It turned out that the brassier was too small for the owner when she tried wearing it in court.

The court on Wednesday, January 2, ordered the police to lead Ishmael Clottey, a driver, standing trial for robbery, to retrieve a brassier he had kept to be presented to the court as evidence.

The court's order came when Clottey, an ex-convict, had told the court that he did not rob Casley Hayford and Thelma Alija of their two mobile phones, phone and a cash of GHc20.

The investigator thereafter went to the house of Clottey to fetch the brassier which was tendered in evidence at the court, but did not fit the supposed owner.

Clottey also claimed that the brassier tended in was not the brassier he picked at the scene to be used as evidence in court.

According to Clottey, he only met the two complainants having sex in one of the classrooms at the Gbawe cluster of schools and when he decided to raise the alarm, they decided to give him the phones and money.

Clottey said he therefore took Alija's brassier to serve as evidence against her, should anything happen.

Hayford told the court that he was only chatting with Thelma Alija when accused person saw them.

The court then quizzed the complainant, Casley Hayford, further over the incident; it came to light that he (complainant) reported the incident to the Police a week after the incident.

The court ascertaining some facts concluded that the evidence did not support the charges hence it granted Clottey bail in the sum of GHc 10,000 with three sureties, one who should be a public servant.
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) P. A. Morkeh, had told the court that Mr Hayford, a student, and Clottey all reside at Gbawe in Accra.

On December 17, last year, at about 20:45 hours, the complainant and his girlfriend went for a walk and decided to relax at the Gbawe cluster of schools.

Prosecution said Clottey and his accomplice, Ibrahim, attacked the complainants with a cutlass and bolted with their two phones and GHc 20.

DSP Morkeh said on December 24, 2012, Mr Hayford was, on his way home when he spotted Clottey and with the help of other witnesses, Clottey was arrested and handed over to the Police at Gbawe.

The matter has been adjourned to January 30.

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